King Peter Vodka

Liqueurs with alcohol

A Great variety of flavours


Discovers a unique flavor

A gallery of top awards

In 2013 we received the highest awards at the IWSC and The San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition with our Pitman Pitman Gin and VVH Caramel Liqueur.

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Rives Premium Cocktails

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Rives Special Super Premium Gin

Rives 1880 Premium Gin

Original Mediterranean Gin Rives

Sloe Gin

King Peter Vodka Ultrapremium

Von Haupold Premium Vodka

Sky Dream Rives Caramel & Vodka Liquor Vodka

Blue Rives Vodka

Red Rives Vodka

Black Vodka Von Haupold

Conde de Cuba 7 Años Rum

Conde de Cuba Añejo Rum

Elixir Conde de Cuba Rum/p>

Licor Amor Amaretto con alcohol

Licor de Avellana con alcohol

Licor de Canela con alcohol

Licor de Manzana con alcohol

Licor de Menta con alcohol/p>

Licor de Hierbas el Monje con alcohol

Licor de Mora con alcohol

Licor de Melocotón con alcohol

Seville Orange Liqueur con alcohol

Licor de Manzana Verde sin alcohol

Licor de Mora sin alcohol

Licor Amor Amaretto sin alcohol

Licor de Avellana Tostada sin alcohol

Licor de Melocotón sin alcohol

Blue Tropic

Granadina Tropic

Grosella Tropic

Watermelon Tropic

Maracuya Tropic

Lemon Tropic

Kiwi Tropic

Lima Tropic

Mojito Tropic

Banana Tropic

Black Currant Tropic

Strawberry Syrup

Locura Energy Drink